STOP! In the name of love

If I could talk to my one-week earlier self who was desperately trying to get support and understanding from her loved ones, I would say one thing: STOP.  I might even hang a big sign over my head with “don’t try this at home” and by this I mean: talk about my recently diagnosed invisible illness. Almost every single tentative I made to try to explain fibromyalgia or more commonly.. Read More

If you have it then you should have put a name on it!

My back hurts, my feet hurt, my heart beats too fast and my vision is troubled. I feel bad, I feel sick, tired and disoriented, moody and sad, I feel like gravity is crushing me and my whole body is sagging. I am twenty-six years old and I feel like every year that passes equals to ten. I am scared of what is to come, scared about the future, not.. Read More