Most bed-ridden people will tell you the same thing : bless the internet, streaming and VoD. If it wasn’t for these things, I would probably miss a lot of what’s going on in the outside world. Mostly, I would miss access to a passive form of entertainment that perfectly suits my way of living. I would love to spend more time outside, doing physical activities and interacting with the real world, but sometimes, maybe most of the time, I just can’t. However, I am happy to have something to distract me from the pain and the dark thoughts that keep me from moving on. When your options are limited to what your hand can reach, a little bit of comedy, artwork and storytelling is more than welcome, and sometimes even inspiring.

Therefore, I decided to share with you some of these art pieces that tv/streaming platforms have to offer. All I can say is, they help me distract the pain away and focus on something more pleasant than the ugly truth I am living. Usually I keep those things to myself since I have never considered them real content, but then I thought : I have so much in common with my community members, if it works for me than maybe it can work for them, so why not ?

Here is the list of shows I watched/ am watching and I hope that you’ll find them as entertaining as I do, especially during hard and endless days of pain, anxiety and lack of motivation.

This list is non exhaustive (I watch way more shows) and some shows will probably be added later on, when the fog eventually disperses. Thank you in advance for your understanding 🙂

Odd Mom out. (30 min format). This show is my best discovery so far. The character is not only a real person playing a version of herself but she’s also the best friend/older sister I wish I had. The show reminds you, while making you laugh your a** off, that you don’t need to be perfect to be a great mom, wife, family member or friend. It reminds me that the best thing I could do is embrace who I am. I particularly appreciate this show when I am feeling down, wondering if « I am not the worst person ever ». The only regret here, is that there might not be enough episodes/seasons for every episode of depression I go through, but still, it’s better than nothing.

Good behavior. (45 min format) The perfect mix between drama, suspens, romance and reality. I love this show, binge watched season 1 and desperately waiting for season 2.

Queen of the South. Same as the above. Every episode keeps you hanging, urging to find out what will happen. Plus I like that it makes me wonder what I would do in the protagonist’s place instead of wondering if the pain is ever going away, cause I already know the answer to that ! probably not.

(See also: Narcos, Power)

Younger. (25 min format). I find this show quite refreshing and funny especially for someone who’s not sure about her age range anymore. I am young but live much older, which is exactly the opposite of what the protagonist is going through. Also, the decors, clothes and cast are very colorful and creative. Particularity: the funny and original anecdotes depicting the world of books and publishing. In other words, my dream world.

(See also: 2 broke girls, Young and Hungry, Unbreakable Kimmi Shmidt)

Jane the Virgin. (45 min format). Since we’re talking about writing and publishing, I couldn’t omit this genuine and sparkling show. A revisited version of a modern telenovela that makes you even reconsider the genre. The actors are great, the decors incredibly relaxing and smooth to the eye without ever missing originality and consistency. Oh and the narrator (voice off) is the best thing I’ve seen (heard) in a modern show so far -Made me want to have someone narrating my life as well, even if there isn’t much to say.  I simply love this show and recommend it if you need to laugh, think, cry and relate, whether you’re a struggling writer, parent or simply a person who repeats often « you won’t believe what just happened to me ».

(See also: Devious maids)

The good place. (25 min format). Light and funny (which is a very positive comment coming from me) with a very talented cast ! (Kristen Bell might not systematically be Veronica Mars in my mind anymore after this masterpiece). This show pushes the limits of self-questioning while wearing comfy PJs. Not to mention a first season finale that is amazingly mind-blowing. In other words, I FORKing love the storyline and the questions it raises. Again, great to keep your mind away from everything. Definitely a keeper for bad days.

Girlfriend’s guide to divorce. (45 min format). Even though I am happily married with no children and no intent to divorce so far, I would still watch this show and appreciate the complexity of starting over again, with kids. Once again, the decors, actors and overall ambiance makes every episode worth watching. Just for the pleasure of the eye.

(See also : Mistresses, Being Mary Jane)

Silicon Valley. (30 min format). This might seem more like a geek show and it is probably true, but I like how the narrative depicts reality’s unrealistic expectations of the modern business world. Following the experiences of different minded people, trying desperately to prove themselves in a highly competitive industry is oddly satisfying and amusing. Probably because I can relate and sometimes all I can do, is laugh at myself and remember that I am not the only one. Perfect watch when you have great ideas but find it hard to sell them 🙂

Life in pieces. (25 min). I love to watch this show when I am angry at my siblings/family. They don’t really accept the idea that my chronic illness is real and therefore, I don’t really get as much understanding and support as I would want/need. Watching a show that depicts the ups and downs of big and strongly-tied families, helps me remember that it hasn’t always been that bad. Also, the cast is perfect and the story line is a mine of anecdotes you can’t help but relate to.

(See also : Black-ish, the Goldbergs, Better things, Fresh off the boat.)

Sweet/Vicious. (45 min format). Even though I am not sure I can still consider myself a « Young Adult », some teen productions are totally worthy of my time. Being brought to high school/ first years of College is exactly what I need when adulthood starts to feel… menacing. This show has brought up the genre to another level by bringing a very serious matter to the light (rape/ life after sexual assault) in a very creative, yet serious way. In a sense, everything that helps raise awareness and open people’s eyes and minds to important causes, is always welcome ! I Can’t wait for season 2.

Switched at birth. (45 min format). A special mention to this show ! Sadly, the last season is currently on air, but it makes it a good candidate for long and painful days/nights. This show is a one of a kind ! It talks about living with a disability – I started taking ASL courses right after watching it – among other life struggles that we seriously need to be talking about. I really wish there were more shows like this one ! Not only to entertain people, but also to educate them and raise awareness about important issues.

That’s all for now fellow spoonies. If you have any shows that you think might fit well into this list (or we could create a new one), you’re welcome to share your findings with me by email or a tweet 😉

Have a great watch and never forget to take care of yourself, anyway you can !