Feel Okay with TV Shows/Series

Most bed-ridden people will tell you the same thing : bless the internet, streaming and VoD. If it wasn’t for these things, I would probably miss a lot of what’s going on in the outside world. Mostly, I would miss access to a passive form of entertainment that perfectly suits my way of living. I would love to spend more time outside, doing physical activities and interacting with the real world,.. Read More

Girls! They wanna have fun

Girls, just wanna, they wanna have fun… I love these lyrics so much that I couldn’t help it but move my head to the rhythm. (I can’t really move something else though..) However, I din’t think that I would have to move myself from the Girls! list so soon. I officially can’t consider myself as a « Girl who just wanna have fun » anymore. The reason: too tired and in agony… Read More

Be normal or die trying

One of the moments I apprehend the most is « family time ». Not that I don’t like being around my beloved ones but I kind of find it hard to be myself, especially now that being sick is part of being myself too. I have been sick or tired so many times around them that now the « poor baby we will take care of you » has switched to « Sick again? Come.. Read More

In your head

It’s been few weeks (or more maybe) that I didn’t take a single look at this blog. Not that I have been incredibly busy or something but I just felt like I had nothing to share, nothing to tell about. The truth is that here I am now, trying desperately to put words on my feelings but still not convinced that my experience is worthy enough to be shared. Some.. Read More

Here comes the bride – Part two

My hubby and I are finally ready to show up to the wedding. Even though it is hard to walk with high heels while ignoring the pain that has been embracing my foot for so long I might as well call it family, it makes me feel a little bit more confident, feminine and pretty. I put a little more effort to hold my head high and my back straight (it.. Read More

I like to move it move it

Why? Why is it so hard to start a new life? Moving to a new city? Starting a new job? Why is it so hard to start? For years now, I have been dreaming about my own home where I could live happily ever after with my man. A cosy place where everything is chosen, made or fixed the way I want. A place under only one jurisdiction, mine. Though.. Read More

If you have it then you should have put a name on it!

My back hurts, my feet hurt, my heart beats too fast and my vision is troubled. I feel bad, I feel sick, tired and disoriented, moody and sad, I feel like gravity is crushing me and my whole body is sagging. I am twenty-six years old and I feel like every year that passes equals to ten. I am scared of what is to come, scared about the future, not.. Read More