Girls! They wanna have fun

Girls, just wanna, they wanna have fun… I love these lyrics so much that I couldn’t help it but move my head to the rhythm. (I can’t really move something else though..) However, I din’t think that I would have to move myself from the Girls! list so soon. I officially can’t consider myself as a « Girl who just wanna have fun » anymore. The reason: too tired and in agony… Read More

Here comes the bride – Part two

My hubby and I are finally ready to show up to the wedding. Even though it is hard to walk with high heels while ignoring the pain that has been embracing my foot for so long I might as well call it family, it makes me feel a little bit more confident, feminine and pretty. I put a little more effort to hold my head high and my back straight (it.. Read More

Here comes the bride

One of my childhood’s bestfriends is getting married! That’s the D day and she is counting on my presence more than ever. Everyone I remember from my childhood is counting on it. My parents’ friends and their sweet and sour offsprings, the old neighbors, the new neighbors… All the people that I would like to meet when I’m in the best shape and color ever. I want my bright and.. Read More