You’re in pain … So what ?

Did suffering from chronic pain made me have less or more empathy toward other people’s pain ? This question is definitely not an easy one. Not easy to answer nor even to ask. We already know that one of the two options isn’t easy to admit but I think that it is crucial to try to answer this question. So let’s talk about my personal experience, on a first person basis to.. Read More

The Shepherd and the Wolf

On many occasions, I talked about the inconvenience of attending family reunions and social events. (Blame it on #Fibromyalgia, Girls! They wanna have fun or Here comes the bride … ) Okay let’s face it; it represents 90% of what I’m talking about or should I say, complaining about. It is hard to confront the people you love the most (and probably hide the most from too), when your energy level is at a new.. Read More

If you have it then you should have put a name on it!

My back hurts, my feet hurt, my heart beats too fast and my vision is troubled. I feel bad, I feel sick, tired and disoriented, moody and sad, I feel like gravity is crushing me and my whole body is sagging. I am twenty-six years old and I feel like every year that passes equals to ten. I am scared of what is to come, scared about the future, not.. Read More