Schrödinger girl

When I wake up, most people have finished their day. They can already think of the moment they will get home and proudly say, that’s it for the day ! or at least , that it has been a long one.  They can say they have got something done, whether they enjoyed it or not.  At that same moment, while looking at the sun reaching out for the horizon, I.. Read More

Staying alive

As long as I remember, I have been depressed. Or maybe it is my depression telling me so. I used to think that it would eventually go away but now I definitely don’t think so. Some would say it’s pessimistic or even why I can’t get better. I call it being realistic and conscious of my own limitations. I used to look for reasons to be depressed and overtime, I.. Read More

It’s not right but it’s okay

It is no secret that my secret is that I have Fibromyalgia. I am living with an invisible, chronic illness that is beating me up while pretending otherwise. To the eyes of people, I am too young, too lively, too good looking or even too faithful to be sick (I know, I’ve heard it all). Therefore, I can do nothing else but pretend to be okay when I’m around them. Why?.. Read More

Feel Okay with TV Shows/Series

Most bed-ridden people will tell you the same thing : bless the internet, streaming and VoD. If it wasn’t for these things, I would probably miss a lot of what’s going on in the outside world. Mostly, I would miss access to a passive form of entertainment that perfectly suits my way of living. I would love to spend more time outside, doing physical activities and interacting with the real world,.. Read More

In your head

It’s been few weeks (or more maybe) that I didn’t take a single look at this blog. Not that I have been incredibly busy or something but I just felt like I had nothing to share, nothing to tell about. The truth is that here I am now, trying desperately to put words on my feelings but still not convinced that my experience is worthy enough to be shared. Some.. Read More

Pills won’t help you now – Part two

When I look into my side table drawer, I see everything but a twenty-six years old’s side table. Two books that I will eventually finish up reading, a medium-sized case with drugs for practically everything that I am proud to not use as often as it may suggest; a spring water spray, a pen, the last enlightening invention I recently acquired during the international fair of Paris (a TENS* device created by.. Read More

Pills won’t help you now

I should probably take my pills. I need to take whatever is going to help me not hate the world around me. It’s been few weeks after my doctor prescribed me some medication depression and I still haven’t open the bottle yet. I am waiting for the best time to start taking them and it is quite never the right time! Everyday I say to myself, you should have started.. Read More