It’s not right but it’s okay

It is no secret that my secret is that I have Fibromyalgia. I am living with an invisible, chronic illness that is beating me up while pretending otherwise. To the eyes of people, I am too young, too lively, too good looking or even too faithful to be sick (I know, I’ve heard it all). Therefore, I can do nothing else but pretend to be okay when I’m around them. Why?.. Read More

The Shepherd and the Wolf

On many occasions, I talked about the inconvenience of attending family reunions and social events. (Blame it on #Fibromyalgia, Girls! They wanna have fun or Here comes the bride … ) Okay let’s face it; it represents 90% of what I’m talking about or should I say, complaining about. It is hard to confront the people you love the most (and probably hide the most from too), when your energy level is at a new.. Read More

Blame it on #Fibromyalgia

Remember the decision I made about not talking to close ones about my illness ? I never made the presumptuous assumption that this decision wouldn’t bite me in the a** at some point, but to be honest I didn’t think that would happen so quickly. I naively thought that I would have enough time to figure out how to deal with holidays, funerals, family gatherings and birthdays without becoming a.. Read More