Schrödinger girl

When I wake up, most people have finished their day. They can already think of the moment they will get home and proudly say, that’s it for the day ! or at least , that it has been a long one.  They can say they have got something done, whether they enjoyed it or not.  At that same moment, while looking at the sun reaching out for the horizon, I.. Read More

It’s not right but it’s okay

It is no secret that my secret is that I have Fibromyalgia. I am living with an invisible, chronic illness that is beating me up while pretending otherwise. To the eyes of people, I am too young, too lively, too good looking or even too faithful to be sick (I know, I’ve heard it all). Therefore, I can do nothing else but pretend to be okay when I’m around them. Why?.. Read More

You’re in pain … So what ?

Did suffering from chronic pain made me have less or more empathy toward other people’s pain ? This question is definitely not an easy one. Not easy to answer nor even to ask. We already know that one of the two options isn’t easy to admit but I think that it is crucial to try to answer this question. So let’s talk about my personal experience, on a first person basis to.. Read More

Should we break the internet to talk about #Fibromyalgia ?

When I first started doing research about fibromyalgia I found myself engaged in a disturbing infinite loop. How can I be so disappointed that so few people (including health professionals) know about this condition when I, myself, only knew it existed the day I have been given an exclusion diagnosis. Though you do imagine my surprise when I first googled fibromyalgia… Not only it is real but millions of people.. Read More

Do what you love or love what you do

Do what you love or love what you do! hmm interesting but still not there. First let me ask you about the context of this inspirational quote. Does it concern your job or can it be applicable to other matters? and yes only a jobless person would ask this question. Putting aside the real definition of a job as I strongly consider that being a Mom for example, is definitely.. Read More

Let it go

While I’m crawling on the path of learning how to live normally, I can only say one thing: there are things I will never understand and « living without thinking about my condition » is definitely one of them. In a attempt of taking care of myself and embracing change, I went to my hometown hairdresser and got a bright new haircut. And not only have I hit two birds with a.. Read More

Girls! They want to have fun – Part two

This one is about thinking you found someone who actually understands how hard it is and you discover that No, not happening! All the compassion and understanding part was just so I could accept the advices and boosting techniques that would follow. I know that it sounds pretty pretentious and that I should be happy that someone cares about me but just like with family, I am tired to constantly.. Read More

In your head

It’s been few weeks (or more maybe) that I didn’t take a single look at this blog. Not that I have been incredibly busy or something but I just felt like I had nothing to share, nothing to tell about. The truth is that here I am now, trying desperately to put words on my feelings but still not convinced that my experience is worthy enough to be shared. Some.. Read More

Here comes the bride

One of my childhood’s bestfriends is getting married! That’s the D day and she is counting on my presence more than ever. Everyone I remember from my childhood is counting on it. My parents’ friends and their sweet and sour offsprings, the old neighbors, the new neighbors… All the people that I would like to meet when I’m in the best shape and color ever. I want my bright and.. Read More

If you have it then you should have put a name on it!

My back hurts, my feet hurt, my heart beats too fast and my vision is troubled. I feel bad, I feel sick, tired and disoriented, moody and sad, I feel like gravity is crushing me and my whole body is sagging. I am twenty-six years old and I feel like every year that passes equals to ten. I am scared of what is to come, scared about the future, not.. Read More